Get cash for scrap metal and industrial, domestic services

Albon Metals & Recycling provides a full range of services. We have a wide range of bin size available. Bin size can be determined by the quantity of material available on site. Both long term and short term collection can be arranged depending upon the request of the customers.

Albon Metals & Recycling

Cash for Scrap Metal

At Albon Metals & Recycling, payment is made based on the weight and grade of metal; all the metals will be weighed in our certified weighbridge before payment is made. Minimum quantities apply for free pick up and free bin hire. Customers can deliver metal direct to our site for immediate payment. All the metal prices are based on LME.

Industrial Services

Albon Metals & Recycling can drop-off bins to your door for short term and long term collections. Changeover bins can be provided on-site upon customer’s request.

Domestic Services

Albon Metals & Recycling can assist you to get rid of house hold scrap metals such as fridges, washing machines, oven, dryers, hot water services, roofing iron, old bath, cables and much more. One off pick up bins can be provided upon customer’s request.

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