About Us

We are over a decade of excellence. Albon Metals & Recycling commenced its operations in 2005 and continues to grow from strength to strength. This organisation is found and led by a qualified professional expertise in Global Logistics and International trade. Integrity, Vitality and Easy to deal with are the values of this business. We have a team of motivated people who share the company values with the driving force being our ardent for customers. We also have adapted to the changing face of our industry, and we look to help our customers prosper as a result. The goal of Albon Metals & Recycling is to provide better services than what our clients are typically used to. By choosing Albon Metals & Recycling, you are choosing real-time servicing, day in and day out.

Albon Metals & Recycling

We buy a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, most of them comes from public, metal dealers, auto wreckers, demolition, farmers, electricians and manufacturers who generate industrial metal waste. We also process ferrous and non-ferrous metals for resale through a variety of methods, including sorting, shredding, cutting, stripping etc. After processing, ferrous and non-ferrous recycled metal, it is sold locally and internationally.

Most households, businesses, building sites, farms and factories have equipments that can be recycled and converted to cash quickly and easily. Calling on our vast industry experience we know how to meet them. Don’t be caught waiting. Speak to us today.

Should you have a question about our firm or scrap metals that our website hasn't answered, please fill out our contact form or call us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.